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Cynthia Ortega

Second year psychology student

Cynthia is a second year doctoral student in the Clinical Psychology program at Alliant’s University Professional School of Psychology. She was born in Los Angeles and raised in Sacramento. Cynthia is bilingual, fluent in Spanish and English. She has a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy which I earned from Sacramento State University.

During her time in undergraduate school, Cynthia volunteered at the UC Davis Medical Hospital for four years. During these years, she worked in the Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, Cardiothoracic, and Oncology departments. Her recent experience includes providing individual counseling to middle school and high school students including students with a diagnosis of ADHD in the Sacramento City School District. In addition, she has experience administering and scoring various cognitive assessments to the populations formerly mentioned.

Cynthia’s professional interests include working with anxiety, depression, ADHD, and Hispanic/Latinx populations.  She believes that every person and their experiences are unique to them. Therefore, it's imperative to draw upon various theoretical orientations to meet the needs of these individuals. The theoretical orientations that resonate with her the most include cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychodynamic therapy, behavioral therapy, and client-centered therapy. 

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