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Knowing who you are is the beginning
I am like the general contractor to help you remodel your life. I will help you pull together all the elements that create a useful and comfortable life. You will be introduced to and encouraged to learn skills and behaviors designed to improve your life.


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Additional Options for Therapy

I am now offering full psychotherapy sessions at significantly reduced fees. These services are provided by psychology students in their second year of study, and are under my supervision. Alternatively, if you prefer evening or weekend appointments, my psychological associate, Dr. Naomi Jackson is available also. In either case it's like getting two therapists for ⅓ the price. I am closely involved with each client. Please contact me for more information. You can learn more about the students here.

What To Expect At Your Visit

For a long as is prudent, we will be providing services via secure video conferencing as well as in-person sessions. We want to be available to help while keeping us all safe from harm, and encourage you to get vaccinated. You can read about teletherapy on the Services page.

Psychologists work on a deeper level than other types of therapists. We identify and understand a person's inner self. Psychotherapy is the process you and I use to increase your awareness of who you are. This is much more than just problem-solving. 

Fears and anxiety can diminish. Depression and hopelessness can lighten. Your communication techniques will improve. You can be more effective and more satisfied in life. 


I will

Help you understand your problems

Guide you toward positive actions

Tell you the truth about what is going on


My Job is to

Listen carefully to what you tell me

Arrange the pieces differently

Share the new picture with you. 

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Learn More About Therapy

By visiting this website you have taken the first step toward a life that works.  You have a lot of questions so please visit the FAQ page to help you answer some of the immediate concerns you may have. 

See FAQs Page »

Individuals and Couples

There is no way to fix what is bothering you without first looking carefully at what is not working well and how it got that way. 


Mindfulness training provides tools for you to become aware of your needs. I can work with you to negotiate the twists and turns of life, help you meet the demands of the day, and learn to feel more confident.


Teletherapy refers to a therapy session online via videoconference technology. We use a video interface, me in my office and you at home.

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