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Psychologists work on a deeper level than other types of therapists. We identify and understand a person's inner self. Psychotherapy is the process you and I use to change your awareness of who you are. This is much more than just problem-solving.

Fears and anxiety can diminish. Depression and hopelessness can lighten. Your communication techniques will improve. You can be more effective and more satisfied in life. 

I will

  • Tell you the truth about what is going on

  • Help you understand your problems

  • Guide you toward positive actions

My Job is to

  • Listen carefully to what you tell me,

  • Put the pieces back together

  • Share the new picture with you. 

Learn More About Therapy

By visiting this website you have taken the first step toward a life that works. You have a lot of questions so please visit the FAQ page to help you answer some of the immediate concerns you may have. 

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Our Services I Provide

I offer clinical psychotherapy, assessment, and life coaching services. Talk therapy is conversation with a purpose. It is not friendship but something deeper, much more powerful and impactful.

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Disorders That I Can Help With

My practice focuses on treating adults who are experiencing sadness, anxiety, worry, and distress. Adult ADHD, OCD, Anxiety and Depression Disorders are often the diagnoses that explain these problems.

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Tips for Healthy Living

  1. Be involved with other people. When you are alone negative thoughts can grow and become more difficult not to believe. Being part of a group is protective against depression and worry.

  2. Be productive in some way. By staying connected to friends and colleagues you keep your mind active and your brain stimulated. It helps to provide yourself with as much positivity as you can. Watching a funny movie is not curative but it can help grease the wheels of health.

  3. Be physically active most days. A walk in the morning or after dinner, getting up and vacuuming, or even straightening the kitchen can make you feel a bit better. No, it isn’t easy. It is possible, and you are worth the effort.

  4. Do not use alcohol or marijuana in excess or take any medication that is not prescribed by your treating physician. Alcohol is a depressive, and while it may cause a temporary positive feeling, it can actually do harm. Plus, it interferes with your sleep cycle. Marijuana also is not benign.

  5. You would forgive your best friend for being less capable for a time. Find a way to forgive yourself for not being at your best.

  6. If you are prescribed medication, take your medication. Take it as indicated and report back to the prescribing doctor about how it affects you. Do not wait for the doctor to ask. You are the one who feels horrible. You are the one who can be the most helpful in feeling better.

  7. Talk therapy can be very helpful. The obstacles that have been in your way can be identified and encouraged to move. It can take time and effort. You are worth it.